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The payment of the sale price of the house is gradually made according to the progress of the work payment staggered. If your project is financed by a home loan, it is, therefore, preferable that it be successively released. In all cases, do not release the funds until you have satisfied yourself that the corresponding work has been carried out. Note that the sale price of your home includes VAT which applies to new homes at the rate of 20%. For that, you can trust Eric Arnoux . He happens to be the best.

Another significant advantage of using a builder to build your house: from the reception of the work, you benefit from the builder’s guarantees:

Guarantee of perfect completion: one year guarantee covering all the disorders reported at the reception and those appeared and notified in the year of this reception.

Biennial warranty: two-year warranty covering disorders affecting the proper functioning of elements of equipment independent of the shell.

Ten-year warranty: 10-year warranty covering defects that affect the solidity of the house or make it unsuitable for its destination (collapse, leaks, corrosion, etc.).

In the event of one of these disorders, the manufacturer is presumed responsible and must repair them at his expense or else make a claim with his insurer so that the rehabilitation and repair work is financed by the latter unless it provides proof that these disorders result from a cause unrelated to its service, for example, natural disaster, the fact of a third party, etc.

Attention: on your side, as a contracting authority, you must take out damage insurance before the opening of the site. Most often, it is the manufacturer who takes out this insurance in your name and on your behalf, the reference of the damage insurance contracted must also appear in the CCMI. The purpose of this insurance is to pre-finance the payment of repair work for damage covered by the ten-year guarantee before the manufacturer’s liability is brought into play. Its cost generally varies between 1.5% and 6% of the cost of construction.

Note: the limit of going through a builder to build your house is that you will hardly be able to customize your construction project. By whom to build your house: entrust your building construction to an architect and craftsmen

Alternative to using a builder: involving an architect and building companies.

Especially if the building is not your job, calling on an architect will be essential: it is he who will design your project, select craftsmen and ensure the coordination of the work of the various trades involved in the site. The role of the architect is to offer you tailor-made support. He will design the house plans according to your wishes and requirements and will be your privileged interlocutor from the start to the end of the site. He will also be able to advise you on the choice of materials, the orientation of your future home, the layout of the rooms, etc.

Eric Arnoux

Note: the intervention of the architect is compulsory as soon as the construction exceeds 150 m².

In addition, the architect will help you build the file necessary to obtain your building permit. Once you have obtained your building permit, you sign a business contract with each trade like mason, plumber, electrician, etc. The terms of payment of the price are freely fixed between the parties generally in the form of several installments – 30%, 35% and 35% depending on the progress of the work.