Creating a mini pond for the balcony

Creating a mini pond for the balcony

I’ve recently become a proud pond owner. Yes, you have read correctly: I now have a mini pond on my balcony! And to build this waterhole was very easy.

A lake or a pond is an important habitat. In it and around it all kinds of plants grow and all kinds of animals cavort. Not only fish but also newts, dragonflies and water striders, for example. Birds use it to bathe in it and drink from it.

So far I have had little interest in ponds. Where should I place one on my six square metre balcony? But then I learned that you don’t really need much space for that. A mini pond that even fits on my balcony? I absolutely had to try it out!

What do you need for a mini pond?

For a self-built mini pond, you only need four things: a container, stones, plants and of course water! Also, you may need a hose and hose reel to fill up the pond. I suggest reading Helpful Garden’s article on the best hose reels currently on the market so you can make an informed choice.

The container required doesn’t even have to be very big. I used an old enamel bowl. But also buckets, pots and tubs are suitable. The bigger the bowl, the more space it offers. Since weight plays a not insignificant role on the balcony, I advise against half wine barrels and zinc tubs. Filled they can …