cegonha de carros

Choices You Must Adhere to in Carrier services

Transportation of new cars and cars with mileage is allocated to a separate type of transport services, requiring the involvement of a special type of towed truck trailers. Only in this way can you ensure the safety of the party cars, quickly overcoming significant distances. Today, many of us know what an auto transporter is, but not all represent the organizational features and technical details of such a responsible transportation. From camion this is the smartest deal now.

cegonha de carros

It should be noted right away that such flights are being accomplished not only by large dealers of well-known car manufacturers, but also as part of the transportation of consolidated cargo consisting of cars of various owners. And as soon as the question of how to transport a car to another city by an auto-cart comes to an individual or a company, the key task immediately arises to find the most advantageous offer on the transport services market. In this issue you can help cargo information and service portal, which presents a wide selection of proposals for the transport of this type.

What is this auto transporter?

This is a specialized vehicle, which is a system of powerful high-speed tractor and an open two-tier semi-trailer, divided into separate parking areas, on which are transported cars. Car fixation is carried out with the help of brake shoes and adjustable fastening belts. Racks of frames are equipped with special gaskets that protect the doors of transported vehicles when opened.

Such an effective tandem allows you to transport up to 10 cars, 4 motorbikes at a time. Sometimes there are models of single-tier semitrailers, designed for 3-4 cars. Less commonly used are closed car carriers that transport supercars, concept cars, or prototype car industry leaders. In all cases, the attraction of such transport has a number of indisputable advantages, allowing optimizing processes and reducing existing risks.

Obvious advantages of auto-transport delivery

  • The guarantee of the safety of transported vehicles, which in all cases is supplemented by effective insurance programs
  • High speed of delivery, due to the impressive capabilities of modern long-haul trucks
  • The possibility of remote control over the route using advanced satellite and local navigation
  • Delivery of a wide range of new and used cars, including SUVs and minibuses
  • Door-to-door delivery
  • Low cost compared to transporting cars on their own

For those who are thinking about how to send an auto transporter, it will be useful to highlight another important point. Such delivery can be carried out and tow trucks, if we are talking about the transportation of one car. Another issue is that owners of evacuation equipment work at relatively high rates. However, if we are talking about the flight over a long distance, you can always agree on a mutually beneficial price.

What you need to know when sending cars by auto transporter?

Attracted rolling stock must comply with the current requirements. An auto transporter must be well prepared for transport. It is necessary to wash the car qualitatively, check the operation of the handbrake, take a picture in good light, and fix all defects of the body and glass, if any. The tank of the car must have at least 5 liters of gasoline, the battery is fully filled, and the seats are protected with plastic film.