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How Do I Become A Top Model? Tips for Model Beginners

Become a model not only for the candidates for “next top model” dream of it, but also many other young women and men. You also? Then you have come to the right place. We have a lot of advice, tips and tricks and inside information for you. Whether a photo model or catwalk model we tell you what you have to consider when applying to a model agency and how to pull model jobs ashore. In addition, we explain all the important terms of the model business so that you can shine with the right top model jargon right from the start. When you are through then winning the mrs india world will not be a problem.

Curvy model or fitness model: which model do you want to be?

Before you plunge into model life full of castings, shootings and assignments, you should first understand what type of model you want to become. That means in which fields of activity you want to be on the road. Because for a long time now there is no longer just one perfect model type, diversity is also increasingly in demand in the model business. Do your curves make you a perfect curvy model? Do you want to be on the catwalks of this world? Or would you prefer to advertise as a commercial model for H&M, Zara, Zalando and Co.? Depending on the location and type, the bookers, agencies and companies are looking for different types. Classic top models, which present the haute couture of the designers on the catwalk, still have to correspond most closely to the typical image of model tall, slim, perfect measurements, while brands like H&M or Zalando pay more attention to the recognition value of their models.

So think about where you are and where you want to go. You want to be a curvy model, but you don’t really feel comfortable in your skin yet? Then work on your self-confidence. Then maybe it is worth working with a personal trainer who not only gets you in top shape but also shows you the correct execution of the exercises. Here you can also be critical with the selection because you not only have to fit the agency and customer. They also have to fit you.

The model agency: look closely

That brings us directly to our second tip. If you want to become a professional model, a good and reputable model agency is very important for your career. Under no circumstances should you spontaneously and carelessly sign any contracts. Present them to your parents or other trusted persons and ideally also to a lawyer. Never pay money to an agency just to have your photos added to their files. Reputable model agencies earn their money by referring to their models. Not by signing models.

Now to the question that probably arises for many young models: How do you find a model agency? Most agencies offer the possibility to apply online easily on their websites. For this, you have to specify different dimensions and upload a few meaningful photos.  This way, the agents can see whether you fit into the agency’s file.

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In addition, many agencies also offer so-called “open calls”. Anyone who wants to become a model can appear at the agency and introduce themselves to these castings.