buy juul pods australia

How many governments have banned selling pods and e-cigarettes?

The most problem for all of us is to control ourselves. The smokers and drug users try many possible ways to control themselves but they fail in every step they try. Smoking and using drugs cannot be controlled or stopped immediately. It takes more time to avoid using it. Once it is used by a person it makes them permanent addict to it. Nowadays even teenage boys and girls started smoking. So the Juul production industries have said that they will not serve their products to the retail (offline) store. Teenage boys can buy easily smoking products from the retail store not online. So by selling their products online they can maintain and service the Juul pods to the person aged above 20, 21.

buy juul pods australia

Juul products are not still launched in Australia. To buy juul pods australia we can buy the products like Juul devices or Juul compatible pods which are slightly different from Juul pods. They sell only the products with zero nicotine. If it is a Nicorette mixed one it is illegal to sell in Australia.

Juul products have their branches in 20 countries in the world. Still, they are planned to open their remaining branches in other countries also. Some countries like Brazil, Uruguay, and India have ordered to ban e-cigarettes in their countries.

Thailand’s government has banned electronic cigarettes in their country to control smoking. In 2016 WORLD HEALTH ORGANIZATION (WHO) has said official information about e-cigarettes that to ban electronic cigarettes in the indoor areas.

FOOD AND DRUG ADMINISTRATION (FDA) has already banned mint and vaping products that are flavored. Some countries like the UK have their license to sell e-cigarettes. And in other countries have half banned the e-cigarettes to avoid teenage smoking.

To sell e-cigarettes in their country they should get permission from the CENTRAL DRUGS STANDARD CONTROL ORGANIZATION (CDSCO).

If are you are aged above 21 you can buy Juul pods online it is sold by packs that contain 2, 4, and 6 pods in it. Only the product is delivered when it is available in your country if it is not you cannot buy pods online.

By using vape pods how the surroundings get safe?

  • The pods are pollution-free
  • It costs high so some people will avoid buying it
  • Vaping pods are not more harmful than cigarettes.

The main branch for Juul is located in San Francisco (America). It was first found by Adam and Monsees. It gets famous and reached more customers in 2017. And it starts spreading to other countries as the best seller product. At first, they named the e-cigarettes as Ploom when it is found in 2007 and the name changed to Pax Labs in 2015.

If it is banned in other countries also first they stop serving offline. Then they stop online. There are many complaints about Juul that the researchers say nearly 25 per of electronic cigarettes are teenagers. Only the other 75 per person are aged above 21. Ulcer, sugar, and lung failure patients should be avoiding this over usage of pods also leads to heart diseases.