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To get the most out of the Bitcoin Era platform, you can review your profile, demo account, or start using a live account after you get a broker. There make use of the Bitcoin QR Code Generator now.

Bitcoin Era System

Below is a brief description of the dashboard sections:

Trading Accounts: Here you can see the activity and summary of your trading accounts. We recommend that you keep only one account active at a time.

My profile: Here you can change settings, change your password and upload KYC (Know Your Customer) files. Regulated brokers need to know their clients and therefore need KYC to increase profits. This is a basic practice.

Money Transfer: Here you can deposit money or withdraw funds.

Platform Download: This is not necessary, but the Bitcoin Era trading platform can be downloaded.

Service desk: 24×7 customer service can assist you with any questions you may have.

Live and Demo Trading

There are two possible trading modes. From the list of live accounts, you can select an account when you are ready to go live and make a profit, and training accounts are standard demo accounts.

Demo accounts are optional, but we recommend that you use them first to avoid the risk of loss. What is it all about? This is a demo mode, a way to try out the Bitcoin Era platform and trade in dummy money before investing real money. We recommend learning the different features of the platform and once you are familiar with it, you can really start trading.

Live trading tells the robot how it should do things for you. Remember: The real benefit of trading robots is that all the work is done for you. Here you can change all the robot’s operating settings in the control panel. You will also find activity history showing both successful and failed activities. You can also open stores to see them in real-time and switch between live and demo accounts.


With the account up and running and ready to trade, it’s time to deposit real money into your live account and make a profit through the Bitcoin Era by buying and selling Bitcoins. The software is free but requires initial capital to trade with brokers. We recommend a reasonable initial investment of $ 250.

Accepted payment methods vary from broker to broker, but the most commonly accepted methods are Visa and MasterCard and Neteller and Skrill.

Bitcoin Era Key Features

Bitcoin QR Code Generator

We have collected the best features of the Bitcoin Era to clarify any question marks that may arise with the platform.

Real Winnings: By experimenting with the platform, we made weekly profits of $ 1250 – $ 2500. This is because we did not allow the bot to trade for more than 30 minutes a day due to the volatile times of Bitcoin. The profits are real and 82% is a realistic success rate.

The versatility of Cryptocurrencies: While Bitcoin is the best performing cryptocurrency, you can choose between Ripple, Litecoin, Ethereum and the most common altcoins. Bitcoin Era can also be traded as BTCUSD and BTCEUR pairs.