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Everyone will surely think that these two industries are more cheaters than the other industries combined. These are, of course, car sales and marketing. Unfortunately, both industries are ruthlessly exploiting the customer. From the google adwords agency you can have the best deals now.

Are you unknowingly giving customers to your competitors? What happened as the company began to track its marketing more closely? A service company switched to a customer last spring because they felt that a large amount of money was spent on marketing with a previous partner, without significant results.

Where should I advertise with an advertising budget of less than $ 300?

Want to know what a small entrepreneur can do with a $ 300 advertising budget? You could throw endless tips here, which would probably only be a waste of money and time.

google adwords agency

Google Ad Words: The biggest change in 15 years

The other day, Google announced the biggest change it will make to its Ad Words advertising service over its 15-year history. It’s a good idea to start off with the fact that Google removed earlier this year the ones on the right side of the search results.

SEO is probably familiar to everyone Search Engine Optimization, or in other words, Search Engine Optimization. Although the term is familiar, its content varies greatly depending on the speaker. In summary, however, this is an activity that seeks to build web pages that appeal to Google as much as possible.

So, to do search engine optimization, you need to know what pleases Google. Based on the most recent research, we’ve compiled some of the most interesting tips here on what Google is giving positive attention to.

Keywords and content

You can forget about keyword spamming. Instead, you can focus on writing relevant and interesting content. Use plenty of synonyms and forget about manic keyword cultivation. The amount of content still seems to be increasing you may find landing pages of up to 1000 words on top sites in Google’s top rankings. If not content production comes naturally to itself, then outsources the entire scratching to the professional.

User Experience

User-generated signals on the web, such as clicking on search results links, time spent on websites, and bounce rates continue to add value to Google. After all, this is a way for users to communicate how satisfied they are with the content they find on a website. Google is listening, so recommend you do too. So sign in to your Google Analytics account and see how highly your visitors value the content on your website. As an example: Web pages at the top of Google search results spend an average of 3min and 20sec, what does your figure look like?

Technical factors

What are the technical factors that influence the popularity of websites with Google?

  • Using HTTPS
  • Responsiveness
  • Short charging time
  • Long and descriptive URLs
  • Social media

Utilizing social media also helps you get a better view of Google. The study has found that top-ranked websites also have strong visibility on social media especially Facebook.  It is nothing more than making up.

Google’s search engine is based on links, and the Google bot adds all the pages it reaches through the links to the search engine. The best way to contribute to index your site to Google is sent to Google when new website sitemap to Google Search Console through, make sure that your website is visible to Google and to build external linking, especially for a new website.