SEO And The Demerits Associated With It

It is an evident fact that SEO is essential for the best ranking and organic traffic for the website and business. There are so many merits associated with SEO.  The SEO is the only tool which will convert the organic traffic into sales and leads.  However, there are also disadvantages associated with SEO.  Search engine optimization will take a long time,and it is a long process. SEO In spite of its demerits is so successful and has gained popularity and attention among the businesses and users.


Demerits of SEO:  The SEO strategies are long term process and will take a long time to show the desired results. Businesses who are interested in receiving the best results in a short span must avoid considering SEO has the right option. SEO will take much time to show the results.  There is another threat as well as the results will not be consistent and will change as per Google algorithms did the change.  Algorithms may have a massive effect on the business.

Return on investment:  Business, to receive the return on investment,has to wait for longer durations. The investment invested in SEO will be huge,and the businesses cannot expect to receive the returns on time. This may not sound good for independent companies as they depend on the performances invest in their future endeavors.

Expensive: When the competition is very high,and to meet the match the businesses have to invest more in SEO. Even then there is no guarantee that the results will be fruitful.  Competitive businesses may spend through less ethical black holes and receive best results when compared to the company using SEO.  In spite of using the SEO strategies, it is not guaranteed that the results will be accepted on time. The websites reaching the first page cannot be done overnight.  Web optimization will not give any assurance of appearing on the first page within the stipulated time.

Google algorithms: There is no control over the algorithms and the results anticipated by the websites will not be the results. The Google algorithms will keep on changing frequently,and the sites will not have any control.  Only Google will have the authorityandGoogle will just anticipate the results.  The activities produced by the location and the movements that the business will receive from their endeavors. The most significant disadvantages of SEO is lack of control which results in the outcomes which are not delivered as per the anticipation,and the algorithms will be in the power of Google,and the same will be changing from time to time.

Google is unpredictable,and the updates and content posted by the websites will get penalized. The hard work and efforts put in by the site will get punished due to the change in the algorithms.  The shots will go in vain. The business will have no clue what exactly has happened,and all the shots will be wasted. The business will have no evidence and have to start from scratch and do everything from the beginning to achieve the top position. SEO can be the smart source to increase the traffic only when the algorithms do not change from time to time,and the website will have some control over the same.