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Software for the blog and its features

The most widely used software and content management system is word press. It is an open-source licensed under   GPL. Developers are Ryan Boren, Jaquith, Matt Mullenweg, Andrew Ozz, Peter Westwood. It was the initial release on May 27, 2003, stable release on March 12, 2019. Their operating system is cross-platform PHP it is weblog software. Various design elements, menu modifying content for text editor these are included in it, and it allows users to create and edit a website through a central administrative dashboard, which is also included in word press. Schweizer WordPress Webagentur provides additional functionality through word press plug-in and plugin directory. In Word press repository there are over 54,000+ plugins are available and they can be installed through either one-click installation through the word press plugin library or upload. Other reading the post can write comments about it and the User can write posts into the software. The software can be downloaded more than 36+million times and since the release version 4.7.

Schweizer WordPress Webagentur

Blog classic editor

With the help of the PHP server, word press can be installed and download on any sever. is a service for users to host blogs. It has a limit of 3G of free space, with an option to upgrade for more. While using free option users cannot add their domain to blog. Word press supported one blog per installation, multiple concurrent copies may be run from different directories if configured to use a separate database. It allows multiple blogs to exist within one installation but can be administered by a centralized maintainer. As well as it controls and moderates all the blogs from a single dashboard and MU makes it possible for those with websites to host their blogging communities.  For each blog it MS eight new data tables for each blog. As of the release of word press 3, Word press MU merged with Word press.  As a way to help website developers maintain past plugins updates only compatible with word press 4.9.8 giving plugin developer s time to get their plugin updates and compatible with the5 .0 release was created as a result of User preferences by the Classic Editor plugin. Editor plugin installed restores the “classic’’ editing experience that word press has had up until the word press 5.0  release.  The classic Editor Plugin will be supported at least until 2022. Word press installation is the classic editor plugin that is active on over 5,000,000.

Possibility of being harmed or attacked

The software has been uncovered many security issues-particularly in 20072008 and 2015. According to t Secunia, word press in April 2009 had seven unpatched security advisories with a maximum rating of “Less Critical”.  Secunia maintains an up to date list of Word press vulnerabilities.  Much high light profile search engine optimization (SEO) blogs in 2007 January as well as many low profile commercial blogs featuring   AdSense, were attacked and targeted with a word press exploit. One of the project site’s webs servers allowed an attacker to introduce exploitable code in the form of a backdoor to the same download of word press 2.1.1. by a separate vulnerability.  They release the address this issue an advisory released at the tie advised all users to upgrade immediately. The software revealed that 98% of word press blogs being run were exploitable because they were running outdated and unsupported versions of the software.