wooden wedding rings

The beauty of elegance and stylishness

Wedding rings made of wood material are the best way of displaying the natural beauty. This is also meant for the peoples loving the eco-friendly rings. Wooden rings are made by the process of cutting and sanding of the wooden materials that are meant for ring making. It can be made in different colors with eco-friendly nature. Wooden rings mostly depend on the type of wood material used in it. The wood used will determine the majestic look of the ring. A maximum of people likes to have a wooden wedding ring as they are connected with nature. wooden wedding rings are being crafted from the hardened wood material. This method had been in use from the early time as it is easily accessible. In earlier days, human life was fully dependent on the wood.

Most people prefer metal rings which are durable and require less maintenance. However, wooden rings are gorgeous with their look and simplicity. Every design differs from one another and the wood is taken from the different trees. These wooden rings are not only used as a ring for fingers but it can also be used for some art purposes and for creating craft items. It will not get wear out for numerous years. To make their relationship stronger, wooden rings were preferred by most of the peoples. Some of them are used for engagement, promise rings, and many important occasions. It is easy to make a wooden ring, so anyone can make it.

wooden wedding rings

Blend the wood with care

You have to do is to cut a hole in the middle and smoothen the sides of the wood and change it into the required shape and size. When any extra pieces were emerging, you can cut or blend them off. For long life, there are numerous methods to cut the wood. Bentwood method is one in which various strips of the wooden materials are smoothened and bent down to required shapes and placed as a ring. But this method is a little tougher because shaping the wood into a circular form is somewhat harder. For easy shaping of wood, oak can be used. Experienced workers will do this work perfectly. This type of rings is costlier as it requires hard work to make it. The second one is the layered method where a lot of woods are used to cut through the grain straight among the nearby pieces.

By doing this, the layers will get attached. This is not that much stronger as compared to that of bentwood rings. This is very simple to make and the cost is also lower than the bent wood ring. The last method is the combination method in which both the above methods were combined. Initially, the veneers have to be cut and fixed to the slighter piece of the bentwood which is attached to the inner side of the ring hole. This type of ring looks adorable and is very strong. These types of rings are finally finished with the help of compounds like polycyclic and some other chemicals which were a mixture of citrus solvent, Tung-oil, and linseed. Most land ark is preferred in current days as it provides a good wood finish.