wool rug cleaning service

The Essential Rug Cleaning Service for You Now

Adhesive stains Acetone is a good means of removing stains from carpet adhesives and upholstery. However, make sure that the color of the material to be cleaned does not let go of the stain. Therefore, before using it, we recommend testing the colorfastness in a hidden or invisible place. Bloodstains immediately moisten stains on carpet or upholstery with cold water and then brush with a mild ammonia solution. Never use hot water. Egg stains Moisten and brush with salt, or with acetic water. Leave for a while and rinse with cold water. With the wool rug cleaning service you need the best deals.

wool rug cleaning service

Beer stains

Soap solution with a little ammonia is right for beer stains. After use, the material to be cleaned should be cleaned or rinsed with clean lukewarm water.

Oily stains

Fresh oily stains can be ironed over a napkin or a drinker that absorbs grease. The stains can also be sprinkled with smooth flour to absorb the grease and then clean with water with the addition of a shaving gel. Shaving gel is careful, shaving foam is not as effective as the gel can also remove older, already greasy stains.

Coffee stains

Pour first with mineral water, let it work for a while and then dry. Clean the rest with alcohol.

Ballpoint Stains

We repeatedly rub with alcohol and then clean thoroughly. For ink, use a cloth soaked (do not wring) in hot milk, which we put on the stain let it act and clean.

Spinach stains

Spread with raw potatoes and then clean with shaving gel.

Goulash stains and other stains of unknown origin

Use a glass cleaner, spray and wipe with a dry cloth for a while. We can also use undiluted dishwashing detergent then, however, thoroughly clean.

Fruit stains

Spread with warm low-fat buttermilk and clean with lukewarm water. You can also use lemon juice let it work for a while or dilute ammonia. Then it is necessary to thoroughly clean with water.

Wine stains

Red wine stains should be immediately poured with white wine, or covered with salt, which absorbs color. Clean older stains with shaving gel and rinse thoroughly.

Rusty stains

Clean with boiling lemon juice. Baking powder can also be used, but it must be moistened before use and cleaned after a few minutes of exposure.

Chocolate Stains

Mix glycerin and egg yolk, coat, leave to act and then clean with warm water.

Wax stains

Iron through blotting paper and clean if necessary with petrol or turpentine substitute.

Strawberry stains

Before cleaning, treat with hot acetic water.

Chewing gum on the carpet

Put the ice cube and scrape off after hardening. Clean the rest with technical alcohol.

Stains at entrances

The best way to remove fresh dirt from the street is by using salt. Sprinkle the incriminated place, leave for 30 minutes and then vacuum.

Cat, dog and other

Animal hair is best removed with a damp sponge, or cloth after wet machine cleaning.

Squeezed out furniture places

Place a damp rag on the squeeze-out furniture and lightly iron. Then use a brush to lift the pile of the carpet.

Carpets on snow

To give the carpet a brilliant color, put it in the winter with a collar in the snow and knock it out thoroughly. However, the snow should not be too wet as the carpet would absorb a lot of moisture.