Jimena Baron

The Recent Humdrums about Jimena Baron

There was much talk about the physical change of Jimena Baron . The actress took an unexpected leap n her life since she separated from Daniel Osvaldo. He began to be sexy on social networks and shared with his followers his training routines to look splendid.

Jimena Baron

Now he was surprised with a message he wrote with two photos: one from his past and another one. He also explained why his transformation was due. “Far from offending me, I post it with pride. Unlike what most people think I did not live a before and after, I lived my life with the same intensity and happiness in both photos. When I was single I had an amazing time in all my versions, and I must confess that my most beautiful and hot partner was an American boyfriend that I had in my ‘previous version’ ”, she began by telling.

Then he said that he went through the operating room to put on Lolas: “If you were born without boobs and it is something that you would really love to have, go ahead .in my case, I had to break my soul by working, saving dollars, to later have the ovaries of entering the operating room and bank everything that an operation means. When does that make you less? Or weaker?Or insecure? On the contrary, you have to be very brave … especially afterward, having to face the world that points you with your finger and uses everything to try to make you feel bad. At what moment does what I do with I affect you or generate so many things?

Finally, he asked women to accept themselves as they are: “Girls (especially you young women) I always loved my body, a few years ago and now. In my ‘previous version’ I was doing topless on foreign beaches, getting me crazy. My self-esteem does not depend on how much weight, I am a woman who started training a few years ago and who went through an important physical change that is far from having changed my life, only changed my body. The happiness, freedom, self – love, sexuality, trust, respect and integrity are not weighed in the balances and have nothing to do with the picture. I think we love each other as we are and that is perfect to search for our better version or the one that makes us happier, without obsessions of course. “

Shortly after making the news about his separation from  Mauro Caiazza, after a year of love, JimenaBarón shared with his followers his days as a new single. And although he captured on his wall different hot photos with funny phrases alluding to his wishes to find a new candidate, this time, the singer surprised with his sincericide.

“Damn fever, you go from the poncho to the nudist bed,” the singer wrote in her personal Instagram account, next to a photo in which she is seen lying on the bed with a red short and nothing above.

“I don’t miss having a boyfriend, but today I could fall in love with someone who pampers me and pumpkin soup.”

“I don’t miss having a boyfriend, but today I could fall in love with someone who pampers me and pumpkin soup,” he added, amused, with an emoji of a broken heart and waking up different comments from his followers and friends, who offered to take care of her.