best light box for tracing

The Smart Choices for the best Light Box

If you plan to buy several lightboxes for placement on the street, then you will have to focus on functionality and visibility. We have prepared some tips on choosing the perfect light sign specifically for you. As you choose the best light box for tracing you can find the best solutions for the same now.

Purpose and size

  • The outer lightbox should be visible and attract attention.
  • Knowing what the functions of the light panel will be and where it will be located – this will help with choosing the right size.
  • Needless to say, if you want your lightbox to be visible from far away, you need to choose the largest possible size.
  • When creating ads for the lightbox, try to focus on your promotions or products that are available in the nearest store. Also, do not forget to colorfully indicate the direction to you.

Make your ads wisely

Each design element should not be chosen by chance. Trust professionals to solve such problems. The font and graphics should be in harmony with each other. They should be big and bold enough to attract attention. Do not use images of several products at once, as they will be poorly distinguishable. Advertise, preferably, one product.

Use colors correctly

Do not forget that the main function of the light panel is to highlight ads. When choosing a color, keep in mind that it will be lighter than on a regular poster.

Lightbox tips

Summing up the above, I want to emphasize once again that it is very important where you plan to place your advertisement, what size it will be, and most importantly, what will be displayed on it.

If you doubt something or cannot understand what you really need, then our managers will be happy to help you choose the right lightbox, create and print an advertising poster.

Lightbox – a box with a backlight, inside which there is a poster/posters of advertising content, has one or two light-transmitting surfaces. The light source can be energy-saving, fluorescent, neon and LED lamps. The choice of lamps depends on the area of ​​the structure and the required brightness of the lighting. Materials of manufacture: plastic, aluminum or galvanized profile.

The advantages of lightboxes:

  • affordable cost
  • simplicity of design
  • attractiveness, prominence
  • effective around the clock

Do not need expensive care

In addition, lightboxes are safe for passers-by: they do not have unprocessed surfaces and do not emit harmful substances. With proper installation, the collapse of the structure is excluded.

best light box for tracing

Choosing a place for the lightbox

The lightbox is best placed in crowded places: near shops and cinemas, near shopping places, in underpasses. It should stand so that the advertisement is fully visible to the walking person. In this case, the design should not interfere with the movement of people, impede the free access of vehicles to the building. It is not allowed to place lightboxes near evacuation exits, near sewer manholes and other vital objects.


The most effective will be the design that is made according to individual drawings for a particular place. Lightboxes near football stadiums should have anti-vandal properties. In underground passages, rectangular light boxes occupy a lot of dreams, which is why volumetric letters should be preferred.