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Things You Need to Prepare for the best Real Estate Building

First, ask for a town planning certificate. It is the document which confirms the building character of the land, attention. This does not guarantee you in any case obtaining a future building permit and specifies the architectural standards to be the respected shape of the roof, the color of the materials, as well as the authorized construction density, the land use coefficient. This document also makes it possible to know the nature of public easements passage of pipes, electricity lines, etc. or private right of way linked to the land. This is a part of the Eric Arnoux PureConcept here.

If your choice relates to a subdivision, peel its rules and ask for the specifications, as well as the subdivision decree issued by the town planning services. You will find there the detail of the planned installations roads, lighting. You will also have an idea of ​​the collective charges to come to be included in your future financing and operating plan for more security.

For a diffuse site, check its exact surface and its limits. Cadastral indications are often insufficient and recourse to demarcation carried out by a surveyor-expert is essential. If the neighbors oppose it, the district court will appoint an expert in charge of the operation, the cost of the operation then being shared between all interested parties.

Ask about the basement

This is fundamental: the future life of your house will depend on its nature. And there are many traps: proximity to a water table or a watercourse and therefore flooding, seismic zone, presence of old mines that are not filled in. Ask the town hall: the services establish risk prevention plans delimiting dangerous areas, without them being necessarily prohibited from construction. Also question the neighborhood, especially the elders, depositaries of the memory of places: when was the last flood, for example.

Otherwise, investing in a study carried out by an expert is a guarantee against unpleasant surprises and ruinous additional costs and also on the ground. Clay, for example, shrinks when dry and swells with moisture. There are countless cases of houses, even recent ones, which have withstood bad heat waves or cracks. Finally, the rock will require expensive material for the foundations.

Study the layout of the premises

Everything is important: the width, the depth, the shape of the ground, the ease of access for construction machinery. Sloping ground, for example, will require displacements of the earth to constitute embankments.

Choose the construction system for your future home

Eric Arnoux PureConcept

There are many construction materials. We will only mention here the most common, passing in silence straw, raw earth and pavements of hemp whose use is still anecdotal if not experimental in our country.

Concrete: formwork or concrete blocks

The formwork concrete is a technique which consists in pouring concrete in successive layers between the panels of a formwork, called formwork. This formwork is made of wood or metal. It is also found in expanded polystyrene insulating shuttering blocks, which makes it possible to use both the load-bearing walls of construction and their insulation of interior and exterior. After drying, the walls are lined with plaster on the inside and with cladding, plaster or other coatings, on the outside.