quality makeup brushes

Use for the Makeup Brushes

There is a string of different brushes to make beautiful make-up. It is therefore sometimes difficult to navigate and to know which brush adapted according to the area of ​​the face that one wishes to make up. To try to see more clearly, it is necessary to start by making the difference between the brushes with synthetic bristles and those with natural bristles. The first allows the application of cream textures such as lipstick, foundation or eyeliner and the second is intended for powder textures such as eye shadow or finishing powder. Both areas useful as complementary in order to display a perfectly successful beauty treatment. The use of quality makeup brushes come essentially there.

A smooth and flawless complexion

quality makeup brushes

To apply your foundation, you use a large flat brush with a rounded tip. The synthetic bristles are tight and offer a natural and streak-free result if care is taken to stretch the material around the neck and ears. For those who want an even airier and less covering effect, we set their sights on a duo fiber brush that consists of both natural and synthetic bristles. We now go to concealer and concealer, which apply with the same brush. It is small and flat for optimal precision. The powder brush allows, as the name suggests, to apply loose or pressed powder thanks to its round and dense shape. It hugs the face and deposits an invisible and natural veil thanks to its diffuse rendering. To look good, grab a nice blush that you gently take with a brush with a rounded or beveled end and natural bristles.

An underlined look

Eye brushes are essential for successful make-up and to enhance your look. To apply the eye shadow, opt for the flat brush with natural bristles which is short and rounded. It allows you to precisely deposit the powder-textured eye shadows. Lovers of cream eye shadows will prefer applying with a finger or a flat brush but with synthetic bristles. For a more sophisticated result, you can mix the shades to create beautiful gradations. For this, a hollow eyelid brush is used which is made up of long, flexible bristles. It allows you to deposit the color in the hollow of the eyelid or in the outer corner. After applying the eye shadows, we move on to blending which is essential. For a top result, use a blending brush that degrades the eye shadows and melts the material thanks to its oval shape and dense bristles. The cream or gel eyeliner is applied with a brush with short, synthetic bristles. It can be straight or beveled according to preferences.

A well-designed mouth

Lipstick is mostly applied to grapes to save time and more convenience. But sometimes you may want a well-drawn mouth, enhanced with a bright and homogeneous color. In this case, we use a brush with fine and synthetic bristles.

See an example

Obviously, we can still find a multitude of brushes in our beauty departments. The ones we just mentioned are simply the most common. If you had to choose only 2 or 3 brushes, use the flat brush to apply your eye shadow, the blending brush to create pretty gradients and the duo fiber brush to apply your foundation in the most natural way possible. Today, the price is no longer a guarantee of quality, so you can find inexpensive but very effective brushes.