gilet de costume

Waistcoat for Men – Worth Knowing & Tips

It is no longer a duty to wear a waistcoat these days. This gives us the opportunity to turn our attention away from the formal necessity that used to be there to the pleasant side of wearing waistcoats. You wear a waistcoat today because you want it, not because you have to (apart from occupational constraints, but here too it gets looser).

What belongs to a complete waistcoat for men?

gilet de costume

The gilet de costume is a garment in which trousers and jacket are made of the same fabric. That says technically, how to imagine a waistcoat for men. But that’s not all. Depending on the occasion, environment, and personal taste, you can wear a men’s waistcoat formally but also sportier or casual. So you can do without the tie, and the shirt can be worn open. Or it is combined with a simple T-shirt or even a checkered turtleneck sweater.

As a classic of men’s waistcoats can be called the three-piece. This three-piece men’s waistcoat is the most elegant clothing a man can wear when one is looking for exceptional occasions such as B. a ball night or wedding. But a men’s waistcoat, which was originally intended for a wedding, can be easily used and worn in everyday life with the appropriate cut. The three parts of the waistcoat for men are a jacket or jacket, trousers, and a vest. Especially the combination of men’s waistcoats with a vest is considered classic and modern at the same time.

The image of the complete waistcoat completes the right choice of shoes even if it does not belong directly to the waistcoat in the true sense. Here, too, the selection of shapes, colors, patterns, etc. is constantly growing and offers more choice for your own wardrobe. Depending on the color of the waistcoat, different shoes or shoe colors are conceivable. The sound-in-tone combination has hardly any spread, e.g., B. black shoes to the black waistcoat. By contrast, accents such as cognac-colored shoes for dark blue double-breasted or black slippers for light gray freethinker are increasingly seen. The choice of shoes, belts, and accessories for the three-piece waistcoat will be matched to the vest. If it is a plaid waistcoat, you should orient yourself to one of the colors in the waistcoat and refrain from another color.

What is a modern waistcoat for men?

With a good waistcoat for men, you can hardly do anything wrong, because you will always be dressed correctly if you do not fall completely wrong with patterns and colors. However, it goes without saying that the quality of cutting, processing, and material must be right.

So what does a waistcoat have to fulfill in order to be considered as good and modern? Well, first of all, the waistcoat has to be well cut. He must not hang like a sack on his carrier but must help him to look good. The cut of the waistcoat must fit the body of the man who wears it. This can be a classically straight cut for one and a slim fit for the other.

Then the processing comes. It does not help if the cut and the fabric were selected very well when everything is crooked and crooked together. Patterns must be continued as best as possible at the seams. Seams must be clean; buttons must be in the right places, etc.

The used fabric is a central building block for a good and modern waistcoat. It should be pleasant to the touch, soft and elegant fall, if possible, not even as crazy crease and on the skin create a good feeling. With polyester that should be difficult – pure new wool is usually the best choice. Which patterns and colors you choose is an expression of your personal taste. Here, one is rather reserved, the other rather extroverted.