Online training

What is CBT?

Online training

CBT is nothing but computer-based training. In simple words, it is also known as online training. Then what is online training? Give or get the training through only online like images, videos, weblinks, and some other originating property related to the online. This type of training called Online training . For example, I know a friend and she was dying to want to be a cinema director. But her home didn’t allow her to study cinema and they were opposing very strongly. Because, everyone knows that generally, they are wont to allow women for doing these things where we are living in society. At the moment they love movies but they won’t allow making movies. This is the dirty face of society where we are living. Ok, let’s back my friend’s story. But she wants to die to learn about cinema aspects. After some days, she realized that there are some other platforms to learn her dream. That platform is an online platform or online training. Do you know about online courses? A famous institution like Cambridge, Harward universities offered some best courses free for their audience in an online. These courses are called as online courses. If you finish the course successfully, then they will give a certificate for your course. They are valuable for your career. Even my friend also enrolls in a course that offers the best media platform. She was completed successfully that course and get a certificate. Now, she works in one of the best media group.  she will become a cinema director someday. But now her home is encouraging her job. This is the face of society where we are living. Even, some corporate companies are conducting programs for their employers to improve their skills. This is called as corporate training.

What are the advantages of online training?

There are plenty of advantages because of online training. And there are,

  • Online courses are very convenient and offering flexibility.
  • An online course brings those courses to your home. I mean you can learn education from anywhere.
  • You can learn online courses from any time online. And it breaks the time wall of the real education systems.
  • Online courses are economical ones. For example, I have mentioned a friend, right? Do you know how much cost for the course at university? It was very expensive. But she learned from free courses. And she saved a lot of money. This is the best thing in an online course.
  • Age is not a bar for online courses. I mean if your child wants to learn, then he will learn. Or if your grandfather wants to learn, then he will learn. This is the beauty of online courses.
  • You can learn new things day by day. And you can meet some interesting peoples. It improves your friend’s circle. And also improves your skills.

What are the disadvantages of online training?

The Coin has two sides likewise there are some disadvantages in online training too. And there are,

  • It takes more time than a real-world education. Yes, if you complete your session in two hours in the real world, then it will take more than five hours in the cyber world.
  • There are some connection issues.
  • It needs good time management skills and you are responsible for your learning.
  • You will feel some isolation.