What is optimum solution for large breasts causing back pain?

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It is common that ladies with large breasts suffer from too much back pain. In this condition, they have to go with physical therapies and weight loss training, so that they can get relief from back pain. If they are unable to get relief with these options, then they must go with breast reduction surgery.

The upper part of the human spine is one of the strongest parts which serves as an anchor to the rib cage. This part of the spine protects the upper body, but it can also be susceptible to back pain. The upper back or neck pain is usually caused by discomfort due to poor posture and repetitive movements of the muscles and ligaments.

We heard about several causes of back pain due to large breasts. These days, several women are suffering from back pain due to large breasts and if they do not get treatment on time, back pain will surely turn into a chronic disease. If you are also suffering from this condition, then you have to visit the plastic surgeon to get the right treatment on time. But first of all, you have to understand everything related to back pain and large breasts.

The Link Between Large Breasts and Back Pain

Excess weight can be placed on the chest due to large breasts. In this condition, the surrounding muscles do not give sufficient support to the spine. Due to this and the weight of the breasts a lady experiences severe discomfort, spinal deformity, and makes it too difficult for her to maintain a good posture all the time. With large breasts, women not only experience severe pain but also find difficulty to perform day-to-day activities properly.

In this condition, they need to take the right treatment on time, so that they can get relief from severe pain. If they delay treatment, then it will surely turn into chronic spine disease. For this, they have to talk to the specialist because only he can give the right guidance about everything.

How to get rid of back pain due to large breasts?

If you have large breasts that cause severe neck or upper back pain, then the solution is available. Options for relieving back and neck pain includes-:

  • Lifestyle changes
  • Certain medications
  • Surgical treatment in severe cases.

To undergo these treatment options, you have to talk to a specialist. There are several other options that will help you to get relief from pain. These are-:

Go with Sports or customized bras.

If you are suffering from severe back pain, then you must start wearing sports or customized bras. These are helpful to ease severe pain due to large breasts.

Physical therapy and exercise as well

This usually experienced by obese ladies, so if you are one of them then you must practice certain weight loss exercises. This is the best way to get relief from severe back pain.


You can also go with over-the-counter pain medications including aspirin or ibuprofen.

Breast reduction surgery

If you are unable to get relief with these options, then breast reduction surgery is the only solution to get relief from back pain. In this surgery, your specialist will reduce the size of breasts by removing fat deposits cells.