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Win the Interesting Game and Pick the Prize Amount is a site which gives all the information and also the latest information about the famous lotteries, especially in Hong Kong. It will provide you with details on the games conducted by the China welfare lotteries and sports. Jockey Club of Hong Kong is offering mark six draw game, and it is one of the biggest hit lottery games. The specialty of this lottery game is that it provides enormous jackpots starting from the prize amount of HK$8 million and many more prizes. These kinds of draws will take place only three times in a week, and the players can enjoy starting from $HK5. It also updates the HK result regularly.

Varieties in Game Draw:

China Sports Lottery is an organization of the government, which is offering various games and is trying to promote all the activities related to sports in their country. The people who are interested in participating in these games can choose any of the traditional games of draw like Order of 5 and Super Lotto. There is also a chance to win huge prices, even by predicting the results of the grand international matches of football. This sports lottery also offers various high-frequency games which take place in every few minutes.

Order of 3 is one of the exciting games offered by the sports lottery. To play this game, one should choose a three-digit number from the units 000 to 999. Then the player should also select the type of play. In case if the player places a direct bet and tries to predict three winning digits in the right order, then the player will get a jackpot of a fixed amount of 1,040 yuan which is HK$1200. There is also an alternative way of playing this game in which the player can also opt for a bet as a group for playing the same game for a little prize at the better odds.

Seven Star lottery is also one of the famous games among the other games placed in the sports lottery of china. It is a game that requires the player to pick the seven-digit number from the range of 0000000 to 9999999. The winning name will be drawn on every alternative day such as Tuesday, Friday and Sunday. If the player matches more digits consecutively, then the layer will receive the highest prize. The most top prize one can win in this game is 5 million yuan which is HK$5.7 million. This prize amount will be given for matching all the seven digits in correct order. But the player must match the two consecutive numbers in the same position for winning the prize amount.

Secure and Assured Price Amounts:

HK result

Thus, these are the two exciting and most played games in the category of China sports lottery. One can win various prize amounts as per their play. The prize amount is assured, and there will not be any scam in this game and the prize amount. It will be perfectly reached to you without any delay or some other problems. It is also the safest lottery draw conducted by the china sports club.