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You Can Boost Your Search Traffic By 80%+ By Using These Five Actionable SEO Tactics

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Even if you maintain your business website with a high degree of professionalism. If you do not properly implement SEO practices, it will remain ineffective.

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Here are the 5 SEO tips you should follow:

Increasing Your Visibility

The most effective SEO tactic for any marketer is to increase visibility across multiple platforms. Organize social media profiles for your brand across a variety of channels, and stay consistent across every social channel.

  • Select a platform for social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+, etc.)
  • Write valuable content and share it
  • using attractive images
  • and engage influencers
  • Use social media to promote your contents

Create a mobile app

Rather than using desktop computers, most Google searches these days are conducted on mobile devices. You can, therefore, increase traffic by creating a mobile app.

  • Set a purpose and a goal
  • Take into account the layout and structure
  • Check the market to see who the competition is
  • Use a prototyping tool to build a mockup of your application
  • Design theme
  • Test
  • Release

Examine and Correct Crawl Errors

When Google attempts to scan your site, it may encounter 404 problems, DNS (domain name server) failures, and server issues. It has the potential to make a huge influence on SEO.

  • Go to the Google Website owners Tool or the Search Console.
  • To identify any DNS or server issues, use “Fetch as Google.”
  • Fetch and Fetch & Rendering display a side-by-side evaluation as to how Google perceives your website.
  • To identify particular server difficulties, go to “Search Console Help.”
  • It’s preferable to not have a robots.txt file on the “Disallow: /” line.
  • Check for backups for URL problems and declare all faults as rectified.
  • Go to the URL error sections of the Crawl errors option and choose the URL you wish to correct.

Image Optimization

  • Images convey a lot more about the overall quality of your company and its items on an e-commerce website. The efficiency of images is good for search engine optimization, as well as enhancing the profitability of websites.
  • Select the appropriate image
  • Select an appropriate picture file format (JPEG, PNG, etc.)
  • Using several image compressor programs, optimize the photographs without sacrificing their quality.
  • Give your picture files names.
  • Use keywords in the alt text of your photographs.

Landing Page Optimization

By conducting correct SEO on the landing pages, you also can increase traffic and lower bounce rates on your site. Make a landing page and look for SEO optimization variables such as –

  • Use long-tail keywords to create a clear headline.
  • Check for Meta tags, HTML, and title, among other things.
  • A minimum of 2000 words is required.
  • Add extra inbound links and then use the calls-to-action.
  • Visually appealing and relatable to your target demographic


SEO is a process that will get more potent over time, making it a must-have for marketers and site owners. More SEO improvements can be seen when the new Google algorithm upgrades and phone users grow.